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James W. Marshall January Doin's 6021

The first doin's for 6021 was put on by the Brothers of James W. Marshall #49 at Lake Camanche California. The Grand Imperturbable Hangman BJ "Knot Sure" Cook put on a proper, horrific and frightening "hanging". PBC's and those crazy Retreads experienced not only the horrors of humbuggery, but the joys of Californication, along the path to the HOCO, where they further experienced the ennobling staff of relief before being cured of their blindness and becoming enlightened to the ways of the brethren.

The James Gang Cook Crew led by D.J. "Pitmaster" Martin set the new standard for E. Clampus Vitus on how to put on a proper feed. Starting Friday night with ribs and hot links and working tirelessly through until Sunday morning with their now world famous resurrection burritos. Saturday was an all day feast that began with smoked sausage, home fries and eggs to order (so long as your choice was scrambled). Lunch was some of the best smoked tir-tip on a sandwich you've ever had. Out done only by the dinner menu of grilled New York Steak to order, salad and "49 Style" Clamp Beans.

"Imagine that. Good food at a doin's" -Joe Redshirt

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